"Mandalas emerge in times of personal and social upheaval;
and this is evidently an attempt at self-healing on the part of nature
            which does not spring from conscious reflection, but from an instinctive impulse."   C.G. Jung.

dandelion mandala

Each mandala in this portfolio is created from a section of a dandelion. No other elements were added. Just a "weed" and light. The color is derived from the flower, plant, or object behind the dandelion at the time of being photographed. No two dandelions are exactly alike. The "Water Lace" mandala shows the strength of the "fragile" filaments to hold heavy drops of rain.

mandala made from poeny roses

Simple. Soft. Sensuous.
The mandalas in this portfolio are created from close up photographs of various rose petals, or a combination of cala lilies and dandelions. No other elements were added. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

humanCell Mandalas

These molecular mandalas reveal the symbiotic relationship between art and science. They began with images from an Confocal microscope of healthy human cells, (courtesy of a microbiologist), then transfered into photoshop via medical imaging software...then playtime! Many patterns emerge... fractal formations and mythic images.

For additional information please read the artist's statement.